Who are you?

I Don’t Recognize Some of the People I Use to Be.

I think that is a good thing.

My handwriting isn’t even the same.  A handwriting analyst would have a field day with this one. 


Growing up I was not just an army brat, but a complete brat. I’m surprised my parents didn’t give me up for adoption. I’m not sure anyone would take me. But, deep down inside I was still a good person.

Allen and me - 001I was an only child up until I was nine years old. Now I have a brother. I wasn’t happy about my space being usurped, but now he is one of my many blessings.

As a teenager I was rebellious, not the kind that went totally off the rails by running away—I did try to run away at the age of eleven or twelve, and made it as far as my front door—or taking drugs. But, rebellious nonetheless.

As a young adult, I had a temper, and could throw a fit with the best of them. I thank my ex-husband for teaching me patience. Yelling at him was like yelling at a brick wall, and didn’t do me any good, so why bother? Now confrontation of any sort is not an option in my book.

Today, I am an eternal optimist—I really have always been one of those—I just do it more calmly. Now I have the patience of Job, and I live in the moment. I am no longer driven to aspire to be some corporate bigwig. Thank God for that one. I am just me, a woman who lives with four cats and a dog in a 1950s brick, ranch house south of the city.

You can learn a lot by the about a person by the stick figures they have on their car.
You can learn a lot by the about a person by the stick figures they have on their car.

Are you the same person? What were you like as a child? A young adult, or even last year? How have you changed?

Today’s Recipe

Last night’s dinner at a friends was delicious. I made a vegetable frittata, and she made a Brussel sprout caesar salad. I don’t like brussel sprouts, but I asked for this recipe, and I’ll be making it myself. The salad came from People magazine, so if you subscribe, you have the recipe. I will post it later. But meanwhile here is the vegetable frittata recipe. To make it Paleo, I used turnips instead of potatoes. Know one knew.

Vegetable Frittata from Fooducate. They have a great app for your phone. Click for the recipe