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Healing Our Planet: Let’s Use the Sun!

Yes, my friends, we can really do away with finding new sources for petroleum. First of all we can make petroleum from all of the plastic in the world. Second, we can use the sun. Continue reading Healing Our Planet: Let’s Use the Sun!

Immortality Continued

Don’t forget there is a delicious recipe at the end of this post

1-flying-colors-leslie-rhoadesEnergy never dies, and this is what we are, energy. Energy is transformed. I once read a book, actually I read it several times, about a man, Robert Monroe,  who had out of body experiences. When he did this, he time traveled. One time he went to the dinosaur era, and what he discovered is that the energy of the tyrannosaurus rex then is now the energy of the hummingbird. Think about it. Supposedly the tyrannosaurus was a very combative and territorial animal, as is the hummingbird. Continue reading Immortality Continued