“Remember happiness is a way to travel not a destination.”

I think I saw that on a chocolate bar at Trader Joe’s. This quote spoke to me, so here I am, once again, speaking about happiness. There are so many people that look outside themselves for happiness.

Want to be happyHappiness comes from within. It is a choice. Being happy is so much easier than being sad, angry, sick or myriad other emotions. If you are not happy, then look around you and ask yourself why.

Do you think that being in a relationship will make you happy? Do you think that having a bigger house will make you happy? Do you think that having a new car will make you happy? If you think this way, then you will never find happiness. You will always want more instead of being happy with where you are, or what you have right now.

GratitudeI personally want to remodel my kitchen. I hope to some day, but you know what? I’m grateful I have a kitchen. Every time I cook in it, I say gratitude prayers that I have a place where I can cook fabulous meals for my friends. I love my house, so my kitchen is the least of my worries.

I wouldn’t mind having a car that was automatic, or electric or even hybrid. But you know what? I’m grateful I can still shift gears. My car is a diesel, so it is very economic. It’s even cute, I think. Hey, I have a garage it can live in. That’s something.

MaggieAMy dog, Maggie, is aging, and it is very sad to watch her these days. But you know what? I have had fifteen wonderful years with her. She still is as cute as a big button.

Would I like to make more money? Absolutely! But you know what? I can pay my bills. I’m not homeless. I eat well. Life is good.

I am happy. Are you? If you aren’t, I would suggest you start a gratitude journal. Each day write five things in your life for which you are grateful. Once you realize your life is full of blessings, you will realize you too can be happy.Gratitude Journal Oprah

Peace and happiness be with you.

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