Our Pets Eventually Go to Heaven

I have been fortunate in that I have had the privilege to be the keeper of two wonderful dogs in my adult life. The first was a purebred Border Collie that was given to me by my Uncle Charles, who at 90, just recently went to heaven himself. I named her Cassie after the constellation Cassiopeia. Cassie was my constant companion for seventeen years. She knew the cats ruled the roost, and she loved me unconditionally.

Cassie being given a huge hug by her youthful mommy.

Maggie was an answer to a prayer. I simply asked God that if I were to have another dog in my life, to have her show up before Cassie crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. So, Thanksgiving 1998 I was in Nashville visiting my good friend Pam. She had just adopted this, cute-as-a-button, ten-month-old puppy from the pound. This puppy had been severely abused, and was afraid of her own shadow, but she was just a puppy, and in the “chewy-diggy” stage of life. Pam was less than happy with her for chewing up her yard, and chewing on her rugs. Cassie was with me, and she didn’t seem to have an issue with Maggie. I told Pam that if Maggie came to be too much, I wanted her.

Maggie-002What I saw was this calm, timid dog that was just too cute for her own good. Pam thought about it until March of the following year, adopted a rescue Brittany Spaniel, and brought Maggie to me when she came to visit. Maggie has been with me ever since. Cassie crossed over the Rainbow Bridge later that year, but Maggie perked her up those last few months.

I feel I am a bad dog mommy, but have been reminded that Maggie was with me all the time. I rarely took her for daily walks, but when we were working out of an office she was the office mascot, because she came to work with me every day. Every place that would allow pets inside, she was right there with me. She too knew the cats ruled the roost, and loved me unconditionally.

Maggie crossed over the Rainbow Bridge the day after St. Patrick’s Day 2015. She was sixteen years old. The cats and I miss her very much, but we have decided that our family of five will remain that way until one of them, too, is called to cross over the Bridge. Then we will be four. We may dwindle down to two one day, but I know this: There will always be a four-legged companion in my life, most likely in the form of a cat, but who knows what God has in-store for me.

Maggie and friends
Maggie with (l-r) Roger, Billy Bob and Angel (missing Lily).