Open Letter to Hillary Clinton

Dear Hillary,

You don’t know me, and you may never see this, although I hope you do, because what I have to say is important. I have looked forward to having a female president since the 70s. I personally have a few “firsts” in my life as a woman, but they aren’t that important, and they haven’t made the history books.

Your husband, Bill, in my mind, was the best president we have had in my lifetime. When he left office we were a country at peace and we had a balanced budget. What more could we ask for? Then George W. Bush comes in, and within a six-month period of time we are at war and back in debt. 9/11 was tragic, but I think we could have avoided war.

Anyway, let’s return to you. I keep reminding the people of our country that we are not a democracy. We are a republic. When we vote, we vote for representatives who are supposed to represent the people (us), and what is best for us (the people). But lately we have been voting for representatives who are being backed by big business to represent them and their bottom lines. The three biggies are the pharmaceutical, insurance, and biotechnology companies.

Our country is sick. America has the highest incidents of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity than any other high income country in the world. Our mortality rate is the highest, from all causes including murder (gun control is another subject).

Yet, you want the biotechnology companies to come up with friendlier ways to say that our food in genetically modified. A rose by any other name is still a rose. Hillary, Roundup “probably” causes cancer! Processed foods are killing us. We need a president who will look after her citizens, and not kowtow to big business. We need a president who will fight for the people, and not the bottom line of large corporations. We need a president who will make the FDA and EPA do their jobs to protect the people, which is why they were created. They too are being influenced by big business.

I read your book Living History, where you said you had to pick your battles when it came to fighting for health care while President Clinton was in office, which is why we had to wait for President Obama. The Affordable Care Act is a long way from being perfect, but it is at least something. Health care in this country is still too expensive. My brother, who is living in China, teaching English as a second language, had a root canal and crown put in for less than $200, something that would cost the average American $2,075. Something is wrong with this picture.

But, basically what I wanted to say to you is that once you aligned yourself with Monsanto, you lost my vote. My guess is that you lost the vote of a lot of Americans who over the last sixteen years have been looking forward to you running. At this point, I’m looking forward to a Bernie Sanders/Elizabeth Warren ticket.

I just thought you would want to know.

A concerned citizen of the United States of America
Margaret “Renee” Peyton
East Point, Georgia