Knock Three Times . . .

Today your bonus recipe at the end of this post is a double chocolate cookie made from the pulp left over from the almond milk I posted yesterday.

Christ's Chapel at Holy Innocents' Church in Sandy Springs, Georgia
Christ’s Chapel at Holy Innocents’ Church in Sandy Springs, Georgia

I wrote the other day, as an aside, about my friend Tammy going to China to teach English as a second language. She is very excited about this, and I have to say that I am one of the ones who was instrumental in that decision. She wanted to be blessed by our church before going, and I went to that service to support her.

Saint/Pope Fabian (nope not the singer)
Saint/Pope Fabian (nope not the singer)

Our rector, Michael Sullivan, gave a homily at that service on February 20, which happens to be the feast day of St. Fabian. St. Fabian also was a pope of the Roman Catholic church from 236–250 CE. He was chosen pope by having a dove land on his head (before the days of white smoke). Our rector’s homily gave an analogy of doves landing on our heads, which I found wonderful.

I am a believer in God’s will. You don’t have to believe in God to experience this. I don’t think God really cares whether you believe in Her or not, She believes in you. But, I am sure you have experienced this will at one time or another.

Are things difficult for you? Then you are not experiencing this will. Are things going smoothly? Then you are experiencing this will. Are you at a cross road in your life? Then it is time to listen. I don’t believe life is supposed to be a struggle. I believe that all life is meant to be lived with joy. And when we listen to our heart or the doves that land on our heads, then this joy is effortless.


The Power of Three

When three different people recommend a book to me, I believe I really am meant to read it. When three different people recommend a movie to me, I believe I am really meant to see it. When three different people recommend a product to me, I believe I am meant to purchase it. Three doves telling me I probably need to do something.

Ivy English School Students
Students with teacher at the Ivy English School in Jaimusi China

For Tammy, I was one of her doves. She was trying to figure out what she wanted to do with her life. She really wanted to teach English as a second language. I told her about my brother, Allen, in China doing just that, and loving it. It so happened that the Ivy English School there needed more teachers. Three months later she is almost there. Her whole process was a breeze. Ninety-nine dollars bought her a certification program that she had been told would normally cost fifteen hundred dollars or more. The extra cost to expedite her visa was waved. Her dad is retired from Delta and her airfare is only costing her two hundred dollars, the taxes on a buddy pass. So many doves.

Most of 2013 my brother was expecting to go to Nigeria, there was one road block after another and nothing happened. After he had a conversation with a new acquaintance of his from the Anglican church later in the year, he started looking for opportunities in China and Korea. Three months later he was there, and the process was a breeze.


You have heard the expression, “The definition of insanity is if you keep doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.” Are you in a job you hate? You changed jobs doing the same thing with a different company, and find you hate that too? It’s not the job. It’s not God’s will for you. I know. I spent the first twenty years of my working career in jobs looking for that all powerful dollar, and prestige. I was miserable. When I finally started being creative again, my whole world opened up. I may not be the richest person monetarily in the world, but I am so rich in other ways, it makes up for it. And I am happy.

BLD029780If you are struggling, and things are not coming easy to you, then maybe it’s not supposed to be. I say, ask for some doves. When I’m at a cross road and don’t really know what I need to do, I hold out my hands, palms up, and mentally put the two options in each hand, and see which hand rises. Yes, this works. Just sayin’.

Okay, now for that recipe I promised. Of all the Paleo cookies I have made, this is by far my favorite. What a great byproduct of making homemade almond milk.

Double Chocolate Almond Pulp Cookies