It’s such a simple concept really. There was a bumper sticker that was popular in the 90s, “Practice random acts of kindness, and senseless acts of beauty.” I have always loved that saying.

bumper sticker

This video was shared on Facebook, and I thought to myself, “Wow, what a great concept, and it only costs $1.00.”

  • One of the things I try to do is smile at everyone I see. A simple smile might just make another person’s day.
  • I always thank the person who is serving me, whether it is the clerk at a grocery store, a server at a restaurant, a telemarketer—a thankless job—who is just doing their job.
  • Give a stranger a compliment. It will make them feel better.
  • When we had the toll on 400, and before I had my Peach Pass, I would pay the toll for the person behind me.
  • If someone in front of a grocery line, is short on change, and if I have the money, I’ll offer to help pay.



It doesn’t take much. A little kindness can go a long way. I have been know to hug a stranger who is in a bad mood, or doesn’t seem to be happy. That hug has transformed quite a few people, and helped them feel better. It made me feel good too. Try it, you might like it.


Today’s Recipe

This is the chicken piccata that I made with the carrot and avocado dish that I included with my last post about Change. I did substitute almond flour for ap (all purpose) flour to make it Paleo friendly. I love the nuttiness that almond flour imparts, and it is so much better for you than processed ap flour.

Chicken Piccata. Use almond flour, and click for recipe.
Chicken Piccata. Use almond flour, and click for recipe.

Here are some organic ingredients for this dish. Note: I use extra virgin coconut oil to cook with instead of olive oil.