Just as a note: When I started writing this, I realized that each paragraph could be expanded upon, so this subject matter is going to be a series.

Do you believe in immortality? I do. I believe we are all immortal. We just don’t always live in the current bodies we have. I believe in the immortality of the soul.

Jeanne Calment in 1996 on her 121st birthday
Jeanne Calment in 1996 on her 121st birthday

When I was a little girl I could never figure out why we had such short life spans. Some of us are born then die through some sort of birth complication, or sudden death syndrome (something I would like to explore at a later date), and there are those who actually live longer than 100 years like Jeanne Calment of France, who lived to be 122 years old. When you think about it, this is not long at all. The planet has been around for at least 4.5 billions of years, and our human life span is about 70, 80 or 90 years. That’s .00000002 percent of time, which is absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things, barely a blink. So, the question I had for myself was, what is the point?

Edgar Cayce, 1943

My eyes were opened as a teenager when I read a book by Edgar Cayce on reincarnation. That made sense to me. The meaning of reincarnation can be summarized as: “. . .  the belief that each of us goes through a series of lifetimes for the purpose of spiritual growth and soul development. The past merely provided a framework of potentials and probabilities. An individual’s choices, actions, and free will in the present determines the actual experience lived this time around. Rather than being a fatalistic approach to life, it is much more one of nearly limitless opportunities. Within this framework of lessons that need to be learned as the soul strives to meet itself is the central idea that the soul is constantly experiencing the consequences of its previous choices. This concept is expressed in Biblical terminology as, ‘What you sow, you must reap’ and is generally labeled ‘like attracts like’ by students of reincarnation.”

Brian L. Weiss
Brian L. Weiss

I have since read many books on the subject. One of my favorites in Many Lives, Many Masters by a skeptical medical doctor, Brian L. Weiss who found proof of reincarnation through one of his patients. No longer a skeptic, he has since written many books on the subject.

Even if you don’t have a belief in reincarnation, most of us believe in some sort of life after death. I think the Epicureans and Atheists are the only ones who don’t believe in an afterlife. How sad is that really? I personally have experienced past life regressions, and I am a very old soul. But, my question to you is, what are your thoughts?

Paleo Sandwich Bread

Speaking of food for thought, or possibly the bread of life, you may want to try this Paleo Sandwich Bread recipe. I just took it out of the oven, it looks and smells just like real, bad for you gluten filled bread. Although the instructions said to wait until it was completely cooled before cutting into it, I couldn’t resist. It is excellent, and I’m looking forward to toast in the morning.