Immortality—Conclusion of the Series

So, this brings me to the question of do you have a fear of death, or as I like to put it, the leaving of your body? Have you noticed how many people say of someone who has left his or her body, that they have “passed” on, away, or just “passed.” No one dies anymore. And that begs the question, why do we go to all the trouble of trying to stay alive through medical means?

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As you know, I am a great advocate of living a healthy lifestyle for the most part. OK, I’m still working on the exercise thing, but I do eat healthily. I do not go to a medical doctor, because I don’t believe they have been taught how to look at the whole body. They are invested in treating symptoms with prescription drugs, and not finding a cause for the problem. If I’m going to be here, I want to feel good.


I have decided that I am giving my body to medical science. When I decide to leave this planet, I do not want anyone trying to keep me alive, because I won’t really be dead, I will have left my body, and gone on to another life. I think it will be interesting for the people who will be studying my body to see what an old person looks like on the inside who hasn’t bought into the prescription drug hype.


Just so you know that should I break a bone, it makes sense to go to a doctor to have it set, but to me, that would be the only reason to go. Just sayin’.

I feel sorry for people who are in the hospital and are on life support. Not for the person who is on life support, because they are probably already in the afterlife, but for the person who wants their loved one to come back to them. Losing—an interesting word for someone who has died—a loved one is hard. We go into denial, become angry, feel guilty thinking we could have done something more, become depressed, and finally arrive at acceptance (the five stages of grief), and this is normal. So, when coping with the fear of death, remember we are all going to leave our bodies one day. We just are. There is no going around it. What you are experiencing right now is just an illusion, and you will wake up one day, and be at Home.


So, make the best of this dream, live each moment as if it were your last, and may peace and happiness be with you.

“Remember that your ultimate goal is not physical survival”
Robert Monroe, Founder of TMI

Click here for recipe
Click here for recipe

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