Immortality and Your Pets

79229ed5efc6692bfd71c5ffdc9d0b57I know there is a lot of controversy about whether all pets go to heaven, or to an afterlife, if you will. I am of the belief that they most certainly do.

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This past week my dog, Maggie, was ill. I think she had a stroke, and didn’t know what was going on around her. To me, there is nothing more devastating than having one of your pets “die.” I never had children, my pets are my children, so those of you who have had human children losing a pet would probably be the second most devastating thing to happen to you.

Maggie, not feeling well with her pal Roger keeping her company
Maggie, not feeling well with her pal Roger keeping her company

I know I have talked about how we as humans are energy. Well even a rock has energy, but mammals, fish and birds have a heart and can think. More on thinking vs. instinct at a later date.

First, Maggie is fine. I dedicated last week to keeping her comfortable, making sure she could go out to the bathroom, drink water to keep her hydrated, and when she was eating again, fed her home-cooked organic chicken. That has a story all by itself. On Saturday, six days later, it was as if a switch was turned back on, and she seems to be pretty normal considering she will be sixteen in April.

All+cats+go+to+heaven_f86d32_3917339Second, here are a couple of stories from my own personal experience, that let me know that our pets also live forever. K.C. was a stray tabby that adopted me back in 1986. She passed away in 2001 while resting on my lap. I wanted her to know that she was loved, and I was with her. When she took her very last breath, she raised her head, looked at me, meowed like she was saying goodbye, and her little legs started moving as if she was walking somewhere. I would like to believe that somewhere was where we all go when we take our last breath. The second incident was more recent.  Ling was a Siamese mix who came to me on my 50th birthday. She was the third of my four Siamese/Siamese mix cats that have adopted me. Ling was an outdoor cat—not my choosing, hers. She lived under the house where she had a bed, food and water. One day she didn’t come home. This was probably two weeks before my mother, who was in hospice at the time, passed away in 2010. Ling came to me in my dreams the night my mother left her body. I’m sure she was telling me that a) she, Ling,was OK now, and b) Mother was OK too.

I have had fifteen cats and two dogs under my charge during my adult life. I often times feel their presence. But because of the two incidents above, I am positive beyond a shadow of a doubt that animals have souls and they too are immortal.

If you have recently had a pet pass away click here for a guide to help you recover from the loss

One of my favorite magazines is Guideposts—they also publish Angels on Earth and Mysterious Ways. I have read many more stories in these magazines of pets and how they have let their owners know that are “in heaven.” Maybe you too would like to share your stories. I know I would like to hear them.

I made this yesterday, and it's really delicious.
I made this Mango Smoothie yesterday, and it’s really delicious. Click here for recipe