I Have Been Gone for Two Weeks, but I’m Back!

I have been gone for the last two weeks traveling. First I went to Boulder, Colorado to visit friends for Thanksgiving, and then I went to Beverly, Massachusetts for business. All of that was complicated with a cold. I haven’t had one of those in about three years. But, I am lucky in that I believe I don’t have to be a slave to viruses, and I was able to shoo that cold away in five days instead of the normal two weeks.

Cauliflower Steaks
This makes a lot, so you may want to halve the recipe. Click for the recipe

I want to thank my friends for accommodating me while I was at their house. They knew I was living the Paleo lifestyle, and I’m not one to impose my lifestyle on others, but they managed to include offerings that were in line with my eating habits. I helped with the Thanksgiving preparations, and made this marinated cauliflower steak recipe and this  a Bourbon-Spiked Sweet Potato dish—which even the sweet potato haters really liked—as sides for the very delicious turkey they served, which I basted with this Mustard Maple Glaze.

Roasted Turkey with Maple Glaze
I didn’t make the gravy listed in this recipe because of the flour. Blend the veggies and the jus from the turkey in a blender for a delicious Paleo friendly gravy.
The Wylie Inn and Conference Center

While I was in Massachusetts, it was all about restaurant eating. Restaurants are great these days in accommodating people and their eating quirks. Most restaurants have gluten free offerings, but one must remember, just because it is gluten free, it’s not always Paleo friendly. The Wylie Inn, where I was staying, offered breakfast (eggs and bacon are always easy). Lunch I had at the Endicott College dining hall, where they had myriad food offerings, so it was easy to find a nice salad with chicken or a protein with vegetables. My evenings were spent finding nice restaurants in the area, and enjoying local fair. If you are ever in Beverly, Massachusetts, I highly recommend Hale Street Tavern, Barrel House American Bar, and Turners Seafood in Salem. At Barrel House my server’s mother had been living the Paleo lifestyle for three years, so she was a great help in my decisions as to what to order. She knew which sauces had sugar or flour in them, so in the end I just told her to bring me a meat and two vegetables. Nothing wrong with a steak, with broccolini and kale. I will say the veggies were a “titch” too salty, but otherwise delicious.

The view from College Hall at Endicott College.
The view from College Hall at Endicott College.

I love to travel, but I truly am the world’s worst tourist. My idea of a great vacation is good scenery, a good book I read five, great restaurants, no TV, and no phone. Needless to say, except for the cold, my last two weeks were pretty great.