Healing Your Body: Eating Organic

You know that I advocate eating organic. The saying goes something like this, “Pay a little more for your food now, or pay a whole lot to your doctor later.” And in the United States, it is sad to say, “a whole lot” means a fortune. I just watched this video, and it speaks volumes.

It’s bad enough that we are trying to keep genetically modified foods out of our life, but just eating non GMO foods is not enough. Those foods could still be treated with pesticides during their growing process.


I believe that eating organic is the only way to go these days. I have a friend who, 20 years ago, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Instead of going the chemotherapy route, she chose to change her diet to completely organic, and cured herself. She now has an organic farm, and is one of the most healthy 80 year-olds I have ever met.

Just think about this. I have another friend who just recently passed away. He was diagnosed with cancer, he smoked, and ate processed foods, and went through chemotherapy and radiation. I wonder what would have happened, if he had changed his eating lifestyle.

Something to think about. . . .

If you think organic food is expensive . . .