Healing Our Planet: Let’s Use the Sun!

Yes, my friends, we can really do away with finding new sources for petroleum. First of all we can make petroleum from all of the plastic in the world. Second, we can use the sun.


No, it’s not cheap. The sun itself is free, and¬†capturing that energy is a little on the pricy side. But, if all of the rich people out there would buy into this we would have supply and demand on our side by bringing the pricing down so that the regular person, such as myself, ¬†would be able to afford it. And the really cool thing is that once you have installed the system, you are done. No more paying for electricity, or gas to run your household. It pays for itself.


I was looking on my roof yesterday, and although my house is surrounded by 65 year old oak trees, my roof is exposed to the sun, and could probably handle some solar panels.

OK, we have all heard of the Tesla Motor Company, and their very expensive electric cars, which are, by the way, beautiful. Well, they now make batteries that attach to solar panels, that can run your whole house. Here’s a 17 minute video, and the really good news is that they have orders for these batteries through 2016.

I’m just trying to figure out how we can do away with the big oil companies, who seem to be invested in us being at war with other countries so that we can harvest their fuel. Really, we don’t need them. Just sayin’.


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