People often talk of grace as if it has to be earned. I don’t believe that. I believe that we are born with grace, and only have to claim it. There is nothing we need to do, it come to us through the Love of God.

God Love you.I actually have a friend who suggested that when I started this blog, that I shouldn’t mention God, because it might offend some people. Well, you know what? Too bad. I believe in God, and I believe, in God’s grace and love. It doesn’t make any difference whether you believe in God or not, God believes in you. God Loves You just the way you are! Period, the end, end of subject. So there!

wallwords-grace-300x222I don’t believe you have to do anything special to earn God’s love. You can be the most evil person in the world, and God is going to love you anyway. But, once you claim God’s Love, that evilness, that badness, that dark light will leave you forever. Once you know that there is nothing you can do to make God not love you, what’s the point of bringing darkness to the world. When you claim God’s grace, you will want to shine the White Light over that darkness. You will want to do good works. You will realize that any badness you had done in the past was for nought.

Rays of sunshine breaks through the clouds

Claim your grace today. God Loves You.