Good Doctor, Bad Doctor

I posted this on Facebook last week:

The 10 Most Functional Foods In The World Which Destroy Cancer Cells

. . . with this comment, “I am a big believer that we can heal ourselves. foods-that-kill-cancer-2-1427647888First we have to quit eating processed foods. This is the first step in preventive care. I know several people who have cured themselves of cancer without chemotherapy. I also know several people, who have issues such as diabetes, who are not willing to give up these processed foods, and would rather have their doctors prescribe medications that have side effects, because they think it would be too hard. It’s not hard at all. Anyway, I thought this was interesting, and for those of you who have health issues, just remember, your doctors are not experts. They practice. They practice on you. They treat symptoms, not your whole body. Just sayin’.”

My medical doctor friend, John, reminded me that he spent many years studying to become a doctor. Yes, John, but your profession, like the legal profession, only practice your craft. I have always found that interesting. The two professions that probably take the most education are “practiced.”

But, I will have to say that my doctor friend, John, does not fit the typical doctor mold. First, he is an OB-Gyn. He brings new life into the world. It is his job to look at his patient as a whole person, so that this new life will come into the world healthy and whole.


However, my observations for most of the medical community is just the opposite.

Personally, I have had two experiences that left me cold. First, when a doctor looked at my horribly swollen hand that was in massive pain, and tells me he can’t find anything wrong, but prescribes an anti-inflammatory that ultimately gave me a side effect called dermographism, was one. The other time, I thought I may have arthritis in my foot. That particular doctor, to his credit, told me he didn’t “think” that I had arthritis and to just keep my foot elevated. On my followup visit he didn’t examine me, but sat me across from his desk, and only asked if I was feeling any better, then proceeded to charge me for an office visit. Except for a broken finger, I haven’t been to a doctor since. As it turned out, I had been exercising with old shoes, which caused my foot to hurt.

Bad Doctor
Dr. , what is wrong with me?


The sister of a friend of mine is in hospice right now. The myriad medical problems she has experienced most of her life are related to the prescription medications she has been prescribed. Each prescription causing side effects that have left her sicker than she started out. Not one doctor asked her what her diet consisted of, or what her daily routines were. She literally carried around a train case filled with her medications.


My mother had triple negative breast cancer, which is virtually untreatable. My mother had most of her clothes cleaned by a dry cleaner, ate processed foods, and didn’t exercise (OK, I don’t exercise either, but I do watch what I put in my body). I was with her when the first lump in her breast was examined. The doctor who examined her never asked her what her daily routines were, or what she ate. She was sent to the hospital the next day for a lumpectomy, after which she was sent to another doctor who specialized in radiation. That doctor looked at the lumpectomy incision site, and told her that she should have her breast removed if she wanted to live. Trust me he was that blunt.

So, my dear friend John, whom I love and adore, you are one of those few doctors who can look at the whole person as a spiritual being, ask her what her lifestyle is like, and know that you will help bring another healthy, beautiful being into this world. I am blessed to know you.


Here are some books that will help: