Do you live in fear?

“All that you fear does not exist.” This is a quote from Lesson 22 in the A Course in Miracles workbook.

Fear is not real
Worry. What is that? It is our projection into the future. What does it cause? Fear. Fear of the unknown. What does that cause? Paralysis. Open DoorI am probably one of the only people in metropolitan Atlanta who does not lock her doors. Why is that? It’s because I refuse to live in fear. I believe that fear causes us to become victims. Many years ago when I lived in a different part of town, and at that time that part of the city was riddled with crime, I started leaving my doors unlocked. My across the street neighbors, on the other hand, installed an alarm system, because they were afraid they would be robbed. You know what? They were.

When we live in fear, we set ourselves up to being victims. I refuse to be a victim. I had a friend once who had been robbed many times, this only caused her to be more afraid, and one day she was robbed while standing in a line waiting to get into a cafeteria. I reminded her that if she had not been living in fear, she would not have been robbed. We attract what we fear most. She was like a magnet to that thief.

downloadThere is a saying that only 10 percent of what you worry about comes to pass. I believe that is very true. Do I worry? Absolutely. I am only human after all. But, I have also learned to stop myself, take a deep breath, and tell myself to quit it, live in the moment, concentrate on what I am doing at that moment. When I do that, the worry and fear I am experiencing at that time goes away, and I am much happier.

Thought is creative. What this means is that we are the creator of our experience. I’m sure you have heard the term, “The Law of Attraction.” So if you are a victim, you attract and an aggressor. It’s called dovetailing. If you don’t live in fear, you don’t become a victim, therefore there are no aggressors to attract.

Love and fear are opposites. What I suggest is when you find yourself in a situation you think is fearful, close your eyes. Surround the experience with love, and see how you feel. When you have love, unconditional love, there is no reason to fear.