Eat Yourself Healthy

In my last post I asked if you know what is in your food. I think the only way you can really know what is in your food is if you make it yourself. I used an example of Ken’s Buttermilk Ranch salad dressing that is full of chemical substitutes (“Natural” milk flavoring instead of milk. Just because it says milk, doesn’t mean the flavoring came from milk). Is it really easier to go to the store to buy a bottle of salad dressing than it is to make your own? Think about it. You have to dress—in my case put my bra and makeup on—then drive or take some form of public transportation to go to the store and shop. Depending on how far away your store is, that may take some time. You more than likely have all the ingredients in your pantry. So, by the time you have gone to the store and bought the salad dressing, you could have made a healthy version of salad dressing and the salad and then had lunch already.

I, personally, am not a big ranch dressing fan, but here is a paleo version, and a conventional version just so you can see how easy it really is to make your own.

Paleo ranch dressing
Click the picture for recipe
The conventional version,. Click the picture for the recipe
The conventional version. Click the picture for the recipe

All this is to say, that eating healthy isn’t hard. If you read your food labels, and are conscious of what you put in your mouth, you are less likely to become sick.

Go to this Web site, and just see what kind of food additives we consume in the foods we buy commercially.  Carageenan is particularly prevalent in your food and has been known to cause gut inflammation, and even cancer. All of you parents out there who think Jello is good for your children think again.

I know, say it isn't so. It was one of my childhood favorites too.
I know, say it isn’t so. It was one of my childhood favorites too. And yes, you can make real jello at home. Click here.
Pork chops and squash
This is really, really good. Click here for recipe.

I took dinner to a friend this past Saturday, and made a delicious pork chop and butternut squash with a pumpkin vinaigrette (click for the recipe). There were three of us, and our third party brought a sweet to round out the dinner. He had bought the sweet treat at the grocery. I knew by looking at it, it wasn’t good for you. The first ingredient was sugar and there were a ton of other chemically ingredients that looked very scary. It was touted as being a lime dessert something, with natural lime flavoring that I assure you didn’t come from limes. I also brought a dessert, Blondies. Here is the recipe, and a link to the cookbook I found it in. There isn’t a bad recipe in this book, so I highly recommend it. Enjoy!

The blondies recipe came from this recipe, but you can also click here for the recipe on my site.