Healthy Snack Food. Who Knew?

Have you ever just wanted to eat everything around you just because it tasted good? I know that many years ago I made a conscious decision to not keep snack foods in the house, simply because if I had them, I would eat them. But, that didn’t keep me from eating white potatoes (trust me, I haven’t met a potato I didn’t like), rice, grits, oats or any other kind of grain on the planet, because I didn’t think of those as “snack foods.”

no-junk-food1Snack foods in my mind were chips, cookies, and the like. Snack foods can also be celery, carrots, and many other boring substitutes, but at least those don’t make you gain weight.

About twenty years ago, I read a book called Breaking the Vicious Cycle. I had been plagued with spastic bowel syndrome (also known as irritable bowel, or spastic colon) in my youth, and this book made sense to me. For six months I followed the rules of the book, and I quickly lost ten pounds. Well, although, it didn’t say so, this book is nothing more than the Paleo diet.

Now that the Paleo diet has become popular, there are so many more options as far as ingredients and recipes are concerned, and it is a lot easier to keep to the Paleo lifestyle. You can pretty much eat everything around you, provided it’s paleo friendly, and lose weight.

This time around, I have been eating Paleo friendly foods since the beginning of the year, I have now no desire to put a sickly sweet piece of Russell Stover chocolate bonbon in my mouth, which was my downfall the last time. Here is a recipe for a chocolate coconut ball that tastes just like the Mounds Bar of my youth, and is good for you. Why would I even want one of those unhealthy commercial chocolate candies?

Click here for the recipe.
Click here for the recipe.

The best thing is that one of these balls is a lot more satisfying than six bonbons. I don’t feel like I’m denying myself, I’m losing weight, and have no more intestinal problems.

If you have Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, celiac disease, diverticulitis, cystic fibrosis and chronic diarrhea, and you are taking prescription medication, then try the Paleo diet. Read Breaking the Vicious Cycle for the science behind it, and eat to your hearts content, your heart and intestinal tract will thank you.

Yummy recipe here if you click this link!

If you want a healthy snack food try these Roasted Pumpkin Spice Nuts from Food Babe. They rock!