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Paleo St. Patrick’s Day Dinner

I know St. Patrick’s day was a couple of days ago, but once again I impressed my guests with a traditional St. Patrick’s Day dinner, Paleo style.  Nobody missed the potatoes or the soda bread filled with massive amounts of gluten.

The Menu

Steamed Cabbage
Simply steam for 30 minutes, butter and salt and pepper—Don’t mess with it if you want the best cabbage ever.
Root Vegetable Colcannon. Click for recipe
Irish Soda Bread
Paleo Irish Soda Bread. Click for recipe


St. Patrick's Cupcakes
St. Patrick’s Day Cup Cakes. Click for recipe.




Root Vegetable Colcannon

This recipe was inspired by Colcannon Recipe—Paleo style from Confessions of an Overworked Mom, thanks Ellen. I would have made this, but there seemed to be a run on parsnips this past weekend.

Here are some organic ingredients you can use in this recipe. For me a double boiler is a must have. It was the first cooking pot I purchased when I first started equipping my kitchen when I was in my early twenties.