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Be the Light of the World

What I love about my friends is that we can have a lively conversation during dinner. I was invited, along with two other of my single, female friends, for a Valentine’s Day dinner. A potluck that was delicious with the hit being the apple pie parfait I made for dessert. The recipe for this is at the end of this post. Continue reading Be the Light of the World

Who Do You See

. . . when you look in the mirror? I see my best friend. Are you your own best friend? Or do you need someone else to validate you? It took me a long time to realize I didn’t need another person to make me whole. I am whole. You are whole. As One, We are whole. We are Holy One.

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Be Yourself

I was at a Salon this past weekend, where about twelve of us gathered for some lively conversation. The nice thing about this particular Salon is that we are all like minded. One of my friends said, “Be yourself, not what the world wants you to be.” I thought this quote was apt, and fit into my authenticity theme, Who Are You? Continue reading Be Yourself