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I Have Been Gone for Two Weeks, but I’m Back!

I have been gone for the last two weeks traveling. First I went to Boulder, Colorado to visit friends for Thanksgiving, and then I went to Beverly, Massachusetts for business. All of that was complicated with a cold. I haven’t had one of those in about three years. But, I am lucky in that I believe I don’t have to be a slave to viruses, and I was able to shoo that cold away in five days instead of the normal two weeks. Continue reading I Have Been Gone for Two Weeks, but I’m Back!

Eat Yourself Healthy

In my last post I asked if you know what is in your food. I think the only way you can really know what is in your food is if you make it yourself. I used an example of Ken’s Buttermilk Ranch salad dressing that is full of chemical substitutes (“Natural” milk flavoring instead of milk. Just because it says milk, doesn’t mean the flavoring came from milk). Is it really easier to go to the store to buy a bottle of salad dressing than it is to make your own? Think about it. Continue reading Eat Yourself Healthy

We are One

A friend of mine just recently posted a video on Facebook from 1993. It reminded me that we are all connected. I could go into the whole spiritual thing about coming from God—that’s where we started, and eventually that is where we will end—but I want us to look at it a different way. A way where we can start bringing peace to the world. Continue reading We are One

Do what feels good

I know that I spoke about this before, but I want to share a recent experience, to explain why I think this is so true. Last Sunday, a week ago, I went to a fabulous blogging seminar. I highly recommend it, and I came away with so much information that I really am looking forward to implementing most of what I learned. One of the things that we focused on was being very specific about our subject matter. Continue reading Do what feels good

God is unconditional Love

We are loved unconditionally

EVERYTHING-POSSIBLE-2I know that not everyone believes there is a God. But, I do. I look around me every day in wonder, and say to myself, “How can this be?” I don’t believe it could if there wasn’t something greater out there. Continue reading God is unconditional Love

Peaceful thoughts bring a peaceful world

Working together to make this world a better place

collective-consciousnessThis goes along with collective consciousness. As a group of people, if we work in tandem, and rid ourselves of our ego thoughts, stop thinking in terms of I need more than someone else, love our neighbors as ourselves, this world would be a much better place. Continue reading Peaceful thoughts bring a peaceful world

Imagine a world of Peace

The collective conscience.

The world lives in a collective conscience state. I believe that if the whole of the people on earth were of a peaceful mind, we would be able to achieve peace. Image . . . in the words of John Lennon: Continue reading Imagine a world of Peace