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Plastic Seriously?

A couple of weeks ago I went to two important events. The first was a book signing by the Food Babe, Vani Hari, and the second was the GYRE conference at the CDC, which was part of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) conference. I kind of fit into the technology and math category, but science and engineering are beyond my mental skills. Continue reading Plastic Seriously?

What is in Your Food?

About ten years ago I read a series of books that totally changed my life. It is sad to say that the author allowed his ego to take over, and he is serving time in jail for embellishing his claims. Ego and greed can be a powerful thing. I won’t mention his name in this post, because he has done a lot of good. The most powerful things he did for me were that I started reading the labels on all of my foods, which lead me to eating mostly organic foods, filtering my water, not only the water I drink, but also the water I take a shower with. Continue reading What is in Your Food?

Our Pets Eventually Go to Heaven

I have been fortunate in that I have had the privilege to be the keeper of two wonderful dogs in my adult life. The first was a purebred Border Collie that was given to me by my Uncle Charles, who at 90, just recently went to heaven himself. I named her Cassie after the constellation Cassiopeia. Cassie was my constant companion for seventeen years. She knew the cats ruled the roost, and she loved me unconditionally. Continue reading Our Pets Eventually Go to Heaven

From Orange to Green on St. Patrick’s Day

The Irish, as most of you know from history, have been separated by religion—the Roman Catholics vs. the Protestants. Having been raised as a cradle Episcopalian, with my mother who was a Methodist before she married my father, I always assumed that my Irish parts were of the later. So, I always wore orange on St. Patrick’s day. It was a thing with me. I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing green.

My aunt Billie Webster loved to research the origins of my mother’s side of the family, and found that protestantism wasn’t part of our beginnings. So as the story goes, and this is a rough sketch, I had great grand parents who lived in Kentucky. He was a poor Irish cobbler, and she was French, and yes, they were Roman Catholic.

One day the priest of their local parish came by to admonish them for not paying their tithe to the church. My grandfather tried valiantly to explain that they were doing the best they could, but giving to the church at that time just wasn’t possible. The priest told them that this was unacceptable, and proceeded to excommunicate them from the Roman Catholic church. This is how that side of the family became Methodists.


Yes, I have been wearing green ever since on St. Patrick’s day. And I do so proudly.

“Remember happiness is a way to travel not a destination.”

I think I saw that on a chocolate bar at Trader Joe’s. This quote spoke to me, so here I am, once again, speaking about happiness. There are so many people that look outside themselves for happiness. Continue reading “Remember happiness is a way to travel not a destination.”

Without Fear There Are No Limits

I live without fear. Do you?

I have been on a spiritual quest since my teens. And because of this I have a library of spiritual books. One of the themes, and there is more than one, is that Love and fear are opposites. When you live in Love, there is no fear. Continue reading Without Fear There Are No Limits