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“Remember happiness is a way to travel not a destination.”

I think I saw that on a chocolate bar at Trader Joe’s. This quote spoke to me, so here I am, once again, speaking about happiness. There are so many people that look outside themselves for happiness. Continue reading “Remember happiness is a way to travel not a destination.”

Italian Sausage and Quinoa One Dish Meal

Quinoa is not really in the Paleo lifestyle, but it’s probably the least offensive of the “grain/seed” that is not in the diet. But I had some organic quinoa and some sweet italian sausage from my favorite meat market (homemade, not processed) that I wanted to use. I found this recipe, and made it last night. It was so good. If you still eat quinoa, and want more recipes, this recipe came from The Quinoa Cookbook: Nutrition Facts, Cooking Tips, and 116 Superfood Recipes for a Healthy Diet.

I made the full recipe, froze half for later and I have lunch and dinner for a couple of days this week. It is really good.

Here are some organic ingredients to use in your version of this dish.