Blogging Day Two . . . Sigh

Chicken Patties Apple-Pie-Muffins-II


Now, I am in the process of making my blog pretty and accessible. Did I not say before that this is not as easy as it sounds. This time next year, I hope to have a nice following, because I promise you that I will deliver to you some great information.

For example: I ate myself silly yesterday. I made some apple pie muffins and chicken patties. Those muffins did not have a stitch of flour in them. They are moist and delicious. I didn’t gain an ounce.

I was making a happy dance all around the kitchen. So, more about this later, because there are many, many benefits to the Paleo lifestyle. Notice I didn’t say diet. Once you start eating the Paleo way and it becomes a habit, other foods don’t even look appetizing. I’m not giving up a thing. Just eating clean.

Please continue to bear with me. Each day, I hope to add a new feature to this blog, and as I do you will be glad you did.