Spirituality also means nourishing your body.

We should nourish our bodies with healthy foods

Paleo-BannerIt has taken me awhile, but I have completely weaned myself off of processed food. I have been living the paleo lifestyle since the beginning of the year, and have lost 10 pounds. You may think that 10 pounds is not a lot in 10 months, but it took me several years to become 45 pounds overweight, so I figure it’s going to take me several years to lose that weight. By losing it slowly, I’m guaranteed to that I won’t be going back to old habits. Beside, I am not a spring chicken anymore, and my metabolism is slower. Continue reading Spirituality also means nourishing your body.

What is your Lifestyle?

I think of lifestyle as the way you live. I personally am pretty simple in my lifestyle. I own a home, or at least the bank does, and let’s me live in it. My home is small, but suits me perfectly. It’s greatest feature, in my opinion, is the front screened in porch on which I am sitting right now. I don’t really need a lot. Lifestyle also includes your daily diet. What you eat, and how you embrace food. Continue reading What is your Lifestyle?

Are You Happy?

My mother was the unhappiest person I ever knew. Life was never good enough for her. Her way of coping with life was to buy more in the hopes that something out there would make her happy. Well, it didn’t work, and it’s sad to say, she left this planet unhappy.

smiley face

Continue reading Are You Happy?

Blogging Day Two . . . Sigh

Chicken Patties Apple-Pie-Muffins-II


Now, I am in the process of making my blog pretty and accessible. Did I not say before that this is not as easy as it sounds. This time next year, I hope to have a nice following, because I promise you that I will deliver to you some great information.

For example: I ate myself silly yesterday. I made some apple pie muffins and chicken patties. Those muffins did not have a stitch of flour in them. They are moist and delicious. I didn’t gain an ounce.

I was making a happy dance all around the kitchen. So, more about this later, because there are many, many benefits to the Paleo lifestyle. Notice I didn’t say diet. Once you start eating the Paleo way and it becomes a habit, other foods don’t even look appetizing. I’m not giving up a thing. Just eating clean.

Please continue to bear with me. Each day, I hope to add a new feature to this blog, and as I do you will be glad you did.


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