Be the Light of the World

What I love about my friends is that we can have a lively conversation during dinner. I was invited, along with two other of my single, female friends, for a Valentine’s Day dinner. A potluck that was delicious with the hit being the apple pie parfait I made for dessert. The recipe for this is at the end of this post.

Rainbow Kitty Unicorn During dinner we talked about what we had done during the day. Sherry had gone to a seminar. She said one of the topics of her seminar was about being the light of the world. Although it doesn’t seem like it with all of the bad stuff you hear on the news—that is if you listen to the news—we really are entering a time of peace and consciousness. The darkness around us just doesn’t like it, so there seems to be more bad stuff going on in the world than good. And, unfortunately, the media in the U.S. dwells on the negative, inciting fear in many of us. We, as a human race, need to keep the light of the world in our hearts.

Here are things I do to help perpetuate the Light: Think good thoughts. Be kind to others. Don’t listen to the news or read the newspaper. Commit random acts of kindness.

You too can shine your light on the world; remember Love is all there really is; unconditional Love of all things will overcome the bad.

Positive Mind

It’s a simple message today.

I have a saying I use, “I’m sending you White Light.” I say this when someone asks for prayers for themselves or a loved one. I say it when I’m driving down the highway, and see some other person  driving recklessly, way too fast, and being an accident waiting to happen. When I see something happening that I feel is wrong I send up a White Light prayer.


You may not realize it, but you are the Light of the World. You just need to shine it. It’s not hard. Sometimes all it takes is a simple smile or a kind word.

Now back to that recipe.
My friend, Wriston, holding up her empty parfait glass saying, "I don't eat desserts!"
My friend, Wriston, holding up her empty parfait glass saying, “I don’t eat desserts!”

Of all the Paleo desserts I have made, this one seems to be the best received. Sherry kept saying after each bite, “Oh my God!” Wriston said, “I don’t eat desserts,” then she held up her glass and it was empty. At potlucks I generally offer to make desserts as a self-defense mechanism. I can generally find something among the savouries that are in line with my Paleo lifestyle, but dessert is another matter, as they are generally laden with sugar or full of flour. Everyone loves Paleo desserts, and they are good for you!


Paleo Apple Pie Parfait. Click here for recipe.
Paleo Apple Pie Parfait. Click here for recipe.

Here are some organic ingredients for the recipe. Also I used water glasses, but I’m going to invest in these mini trifle bowls, because I know I’ll be making this dessert again and again.