Are your pets healthy?

Are your pets healthy

I am one of those people who have always had a pet in their life. As a child it was mostly dogs, but then as I grew older cats seemed to dominate. Today I am the mother of four cats and a dog.

Angel was bottle fed as a kitten. Her mother was feral.
Angel was bottle fed as a kitten. Her mother was feral.

As I do with myself, I try to take a holistic approach with my “children.” Because of the law, we have to have certain vaccinations for our pets, I do take my pets to the vet for checkups. Something I have not done for myself in over 25 years. I have one cat that has hypercalcemia (too much calcium in her system). It is expensive to treat, basically because it is idiopathic (of unknown cause), so I have decided that I was going to take the holistic approach. She’s due for her checkup this month so we will see how well I am doing.

Lily is my youngest. She was adopted from the Walton County animal shelter.

I do not feed my animals cheap food. I avoid the main pet food manufacturers because their food manufacturing practices are not healthy, and generally support the GMO food industry.
Click here to see what is in Purina dog food, which is probably the most bought dog food of all. I highly recommend you bookmark the Dog Food Advisor so you can check up on the dog foods out there. 

The Pet Food Talk Web site has some great intel on cat food. Just look at this Friskies example.

I swear these guys are gay. They cuddle like this all the time.
Roger and Billy Bob. I swear these guys are gay. They cuddle like this all the time.

Remember cats are strict carnivores. They really shouldn’t be eating dry food at all. But I have grazers and it’s much easier, especially if I’m traveling, to put dry food in a silo so that will have food while I am gone. And since they are not outside foraging for rodents, and don’t have bones to chew on, I think dry food helps keep their teeth healthy.

I love cats, they know how to take care of themselves. I buy no grain cat food with most of the protein made out of meat, and not meat byproducts. Her food shouldn’t have extra calcium or vitamin D, which apparently one of the reasons hypercalcemia happens.

Vet expenses like human medical expenses have gone through the roof. This is another good reason to eat healthily. Doctors (Animal and Human) practice medicine. They never really become experts. They treat symptoms, and rarely look for the actual cause. Anyway, I just wanted you all to be aware that we need to feed our pet children as healthily as we feed ourselves. Just sayin’.