About Me

Who Am I?

Born in Pueblo, Colorado to a military family, I have always been somewhat of a brat. I have a brother, who is nine years younger than I, who was born in Denmark. We are orphans. My father passed on in 1995, and my mother fifteen years later in 2010.

This was my brother, Allen's, first Christmas Card in Denmark.
This was my brother, Allen’s, first Christmas Card in Denmark.

We All Have Regrets

I have only one regret in my life, and that is I didn’t keep up with my languages. At the age of nine, I was tri-lingual (English, Danish, French), and on my way to being quad-lingual (German).

My Own Personal Musings

So, as I have grown older, I keep wondering why I’m even on this planet; in this world. Is it really a dream or an illusion? I know one day I will wake up, leave this body, croak, die, pass on, and be with God. I just don’t know when that will be. It happens to all of us.
I don’t read the newspapers, visit online news sites, or even watch the news on TV. I listen to the world, and form my own opinions. I do read constantly, a fan of Wayne Dyer, Eckhert Tolle, Louise Haye, Oprah Winfrey,  A Course in Miracles, and many other wise books. I particularly love a good mystery or thriller. I love a good story.

What do I Believe?

I believe in God whose the source of all things. I believe that we were not put on this planet to struggle. I believe there is only one of Us. I believe there is no such thing as time. I believe we are all on the same path, most of us just don’t know it. I believe we are all loved unconditionally. I believe.


We Can Heal Ourselves

I haven’t been to a doctor since 1989 when I broke a finger. So, if I’m sick I don’t know it. I lost faith in medical doctors back in the early 80s. One time when my hand was swollen and in severe pain, a doctor told me he could find nothing wrong with it and gave me anti -inflammatory pills that caused an allergic reaction. Another time when I went back for a follow up visit for another issue, the doctor sat behind his desk, asked me a couple of questions, sent me on my way without even examining me, then charged me for the office visit. I later discovered chiropractic, and all of my symptoms have gone away. I am a huge believer that we can heal ourselves. I’ve done it many times.

My Working Career

My claim to fame is that I was the very first woman shoe salesperson Saks Fifth Ave hired in the country. I’m working on my eighth or tenth career now as a serious blogger. My hobby is cooking, but I never wanted to be a chef in a restaurant, I just like to cook for my friends.

I am Educated

I have a BBA in management from Georgia State University, but  I hated school the moment I stepped into kindergarten. I graduated from university out of self defense to keep from being a teacher, secretary or nurse.

My Alma Mater
My Alma Mater

Something Personal

I’m not much of a children person. I just don’t understand them. I chose not to be a mother for fear I would have a child that was like me to raise. Also I didn’t want to bring a child into the world that was full of war and hate. I love animals though. I have four cats and a had a dog who passed away in March, 2015. These are my children.

You can tell a lot about a person by the stick figures they put on their car.

Life is Good

I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do with my life, meanwhile I will be sharing with you the things that I care about. I am an eternal optimist. I live in utopia. What can possibly be wrong with that?

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